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SomeCompanyName.com is an example domain that is an asset of Cookie's Domain Shop.

Why?  If you reference a domain name, as an example (anywhere, on any Web site), wouldn't it be wise to actually own that domain name?

Let's briefly examine that point:

There are domain names that are reserved explicitly for use as an example, where someone has deemed it inappropriate to single out one domain name over another and using one's own domain name detracts from the point being made.   However, if you use a domain name as an example, would you expect that someone might, out of idle curiosity, actually visit that Web site?

Suppose some person, maybe only a minority of people, actually do visit that domain name you used as an example.   Would you rather they visit some such innocuous Web site, completely unrelated to your business, or would you rather they visit a Web site that links to, and possibly even promotes your Web site?

The theory is that some additional Web traffic is better than no additional Web traffic.

We're not suggesting that you actually promote this example Web site in the search engines: simply that you reap whatever additional traffic the example Web site affords you.

It's reasonable to project the cost of the domain name, and a simple link back to your principal Web site, would be less than $20.00 / year, in the case of a .com, .net, .org or .info domain name (we recommend you keep the Web site, as an asset, for as long as it serves your company). That's not an unreasonable cost-to-performance drain on any advertising budget.

If this seems a bit too "edgy" for your corporate climate / corporate culture, consider the following points: Final question: Are you missing out on an opportunity?

We would be missing out on an opportunity if we did not point out that overall, we have exactly the same products and support as those big guys, except without their higher prices. We do not have Superbowl commercials yet nor 99¢ first-year domain prices but over the course of three years, we have the best overall domain name, SSL and hosting products and prices.

We'd like to do business with you: we'd like you to do business with us.

.COMs 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total
Other Guy $0.99 $12.99 $12.99 $26.97
Cookie $8.50 $8.99 $8.99 $26.48